How to Install ADZlink plugin to your site



1.       Go to, create an account and verified it.

2.       Login to your account

3.       Go to Settings > Publisher.

4.       In the ADZlink section, select one of the templates and click the “Get Code” button. In this example will choose the predefined template – “Fixed - Bottom Right”

5.       There will be a “Steps to Install” popup, follow the steps, you can also see a preview by clicking “here” in the “Click here for Preview” text.  You will be redirected to the main home page, notice that there’s a fixed element at the bottom .

Or, if your site is powered by Wordpress, you can install the ADZlink WP Plugin and activated it on your site.

1.       In the ADZlink section, click the “here” link in the “Click here to get the plugin” phrase to download the ADZlink Wordpress plugin.

2.       Install the plugin into your wordpress site

3.       After installing the plugin, go to Settings > ADZlink to setup it, you can see the installation steps in the README.txt as well.


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